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CentrALT is a centre for contemporary Polish-Jewish art 
and ideas

CentrALT is the centre for contemporary Polish Jewish art and ideas. Operating at the intersections of art and activism, CentrALT is an interdisciplinary cultural institution presenting contemporary art, conducting artistic research, educational and social activities through the lens of contemporary Jewish Poland.

Recognizing the need for more nuanced, autonomous representations of Jewishness in Poland, CentrALT exists as a critical laboratory to explore, experiment and construct modern definitions of Polish Jewry. It operates under the premise that culture and art play a vital role in building modern, inclusive, critical society. As Jewish culture and Jewish interest in Poland continues to grow, year-round artistic activities created and organized by Jewish people are essential to maintaining, strengthening and evolving authentic Jewish ecology.  


CentrALT grew out of FestivALT, a ten-day annual contemporary Jewish art festival, currently in it’s fourth edition. Due to COVID we had to reimagine the way we work, transforming from a festival model to an ongoing season of work. This transformation became the catalyst for understanding the value and need for a year-round organization, with ongoing activities aimed at supporting the cultural activity and curiousity of citizens.

CentrALT’s home currently exists online, with a series of art works built for virtual access housed on our web platform. We are currently planning to find a physical home for CentrALT in the near future in Krakow, Poland.


CentrALT’s work in 2020 would not be possible without the support and partnership of the following institutions