The KulturDocs project is a three-episode online documentary-comedy series that will immerse viewers in the world of contemporary Jewish artists in Poland. Hosted by Canadian-Jewish theater creator Michael Rubenfeld, the series combines humor and insight, focusing on the unique talents, skills, and reflections of its protagonists. Each episode provides an opportunity to meet inspiring figures such as musician Mikołaj Trzaska, performer Betty Q, and young artists Marcella Szabłowska and Ezra Wojakowski, while delving into the complex Polish-Jewish relationships.

In addition to the series, the project includes audience engagements both online and in-person. These events will create a platform for exchanging ideas and views, extending the dialogue initiated in the series. KulturDocs aims to challenge entrenched opinions and stereotypes by showcasing the vibrant and thriving Jewish art scene in Poland.


Funded by the state budget as part of the "Public Diplomacy 2024" competition by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Funding amount: 90 000 PLN