FestivALT 2023 Kultur-Lige NeDiPa Remember Chewra Tehilim Still Standing

Magdalena Rubenfeld

Short bio

Lena Rubenfeld is an experienced project manager, social entrepreneur, and cultural activist. Initiator and board member of various Jewish startups, Lena is particularly passionate about social change and the intersection of learning and the arts. She also deals with the issues of Jewish memory, Polish-Jewish dialogue, informal Jewish education and community engagement.
In 2017 she co-founded and became artistic director of FestivALT, a multidisciplinary cultural organisation, utilizing critically-engaged contemporary art, performance and activism as tools for examining the complexities of Jewish Poland today.
Lena currently works as Limmud Europe Programming Coordinator. In 2022 she completed her second MS degree – in Organizational Leadership and Innovation at HUC’s Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management. She is a member of the 7th Cohort of Schusterman Fellows.