#RememberChewa – panel discussion

  • Time & Date 25.06.2019 / 13:00
  • Location Galicia Jewish Museum | 18 Dajwór St., Kraków
  • Original language PL / EN

    In Polish with English Translation

#RememberChewra: A Panel Discussion will include Professor Edyta Gawron and Magda Rubenfeld Koralewska and focus on the history of the building, the politics of protest, and the complicated nature of urban memory.

For the third year running, FestivALT will stage public protest against the mistreatment of one of Kazimierz’s architectural jewels, the former Chevra Tehilim prayerhouse, whose walls bear the district’s most important still-existing Jewish religious paintings.  In 2017, with the approval of the official Jewish religious community, the owners of the bar currently housed there destroyed the original niche that held the Aron HaKodesh (the Ark of the Torah) in order to install a new door.


This year’s intervention will include a panel to discuss the history of the site, the politics of memory, and the complications of Jewish abuse of Jewish patrimony.