Kultur-Lige is a Polish-Jewish artists network and online promotional platform. 

The name refers to a historic organization existing in Central and Eastern Europe in the first part of the 20th century, affiliating a number of Jewish cultural organizations from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. The aim of Kultur-Lige (Yiddish for “Culture League”) was to promote contemporary Yiddish culture, including education, literature, theater, art, and music. Similarly, the aim of today’s Kultur-lige would be to promote, connect and give voice to original Jewish artists, primarily from Poland or focusing their work on Poland.

The goal of this first event is to bring Jewish artists from across Poland together in a two-day long, networking, think-tank event and discuss topics relating to the contemporary Polish-Jewish artistic space. The home and partner of the event will be POLIN: The Museum for the History of Polish Jews, in Warsaw, which will hopefully be joined in the future by other prestigious institutions.

Each invited artist will be invited to remain part of the network, participate in FestivALT’s future events and be publicly promoted by it: through its website, social media channels, mailing lists, individual connections to Jewish organizations throughout the world. 

FestivALT will serve as a platform promoting Polish Jewish artists and subjects relatable to them. By helping to foster and integrate a vibrant Jewish arts scene in Poland, contemporary Kultur-Lige will be a natural extension of the original initiative. 

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