Hanna Kossowska

Short bio

Hanna Kossowska – painter, educator, actress, animator of Jewish culture. She studied History of Art and Ethnography in Poznań and graduated from the acting studio at PTŻ in Warsaw. In view of the presented works and many exhibitions, she was accepted to ‎ZPAP (The Association of Polish Artists and Designers).

For many years she has been conducting workshops and lectures for children and adults (including students of the University of Warsaw) in the field of kashrut, halakha (Jewish law), (material and spiritual) Jewish art and culture – Yiddishkait, the basics of Judaism and creativity Abraham ‎Joshua ‎Heschel; they also include basic concepts of Kabbalah, the history of Hasidic dynasties, the mysticism of Hebrew letters, Jewish demonology, etc. For many years, she has been associated with events such as the Singer’s Warsaw Festival, The Zbliżenia Jewish Culture Festival in Gdańsk, Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and the Lubliner Festival. She has made many films with Jewish themes – as an actress and, recently, also as a consultant.

She works with painting, graphics, designing matzevot and applied art. She is the author of over thirty exhibitions and many costume and scenography designs. Her paintings were purchased by the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw for its permanent exhibition section – Jewish culture and art in Poland. Her paintings are in the Belvedere as gifts to presidents from the Jewish Religious Community. In addition, many of her works are in private collections in the USA, Europe and Israel.