Monika Krajewska

Short bio

Monika Krajewska – Warsaw-based artist and educator. Beginning with the late 1970s, together with her husband Stanisław she traveled across Poland photographing surviving Jewish landmarks and making rubbings of tombstone reliefs. Author of photography books  “Time of Stones” (1982), and “A Tribe of Stones” (1993), essays on symbolic images on matzevot, as well as other areas of Jewish art. As a papercut artist, she has been inspired by this traditional Jewish art form which she develops in her own way, combining Jewish sources with her own artistic ideas and exploring various techniques. Her papercuts and photographs have been exhibited in Poland and abroad, and are in synagogues, museums and private collections.

She conducts workshops and lectures presenting Jewish tradition through art at the Centre for Yiddish Culture in Warsaw, and at Jewish festivals. Member of Ec Chaim Synagogue in Warsaw, mother of two sons.