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Art, Activism, Memory


Join uf for a two-day event (December 14–15) for artists, activists and researchers, organized in Warsaw by the Zapomniane Foundation, the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and FestivALT.


The event is a meeting of experts and practitioners – heritage professionals, memory activists, artists, educators and civic society organizations – to reflect on the potential of various approaches to difficult heritage. In particular, we are interested in the potential of the use of art and multidisciplinary toolbox to tackle difficult and/or contested issues.


The event consists of four sessions. The first two are focused on sites and objects that can be called difficult heritage. The third will be a debate around a single object and questions it poses. The fourth will be a panel discussion on the uses of art as a method of working with difficult heritage and contemporary challenges.


December 14 – networking meeting for Jewish artists

1️⃣ The first day is dedicated to a meeting of Jewish artists: 11.00–18.00, the programme includes a networking module, space for self-presentation, space for conversation, discussion on the potential of creating a network.

December 15 – seminar on a multidisciplinary approach to difficult heritage

2️⃣ On the second day, artistic, activist and academic groups will reflect on selected topics related to the difficult heritage and today’s challenges.
We want to create an inclusive space that responds to the needs of the community of Jewish artists. Interested parties are invited to present their artistic practise (visual material and story, max. 10 minutes). We also invite you to submit topics you would like to address in the discussion part (we are planning a world café format). The meeting will be held mainly in Polish.
In case of any questions, please contact us:

The two-day event "Art, Activism, Memory" (14-15 December 2023) organized by the POLIN Museum, Zapomniane Foundation and FestivALT is taking place thanks to the support of the Allianz Foundation, the Jewish Distribution Committee and Junction Europe. The event is part of the project "NeDiPa: Negotiating Difficult Pasts", implemented by the Zapomniane Foundation, FestivALT and the Urban Memory Foundation thanks to the support of the European Union under the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) program.