„8 Women” Cieniak – exhibition

8 WOMEN by Ewa Cieniak is a female polyphony about identity and Polish-Jewish duality. It is a series of eight unique portraits of Polish women of Jewish origin embroidered with blue thread on cotton fabric.

The women are presented by Cieniak with remarkable sensitivity. Expressive faces peer at us from the fabrics, complemented by personal quotes selected by the protagonists themselves. The portraits, which will be shown at Spółdzienia Ogniwo, seem to speak to each other while also interacting with the viewer; asking questions, keeping silent, inviting you into a dialogue. The women featured in the exhibition are:
Monika Gluska-Durenkamp – journalist;
Dorota Abbe – actress;
Alicja Beryt – graphic;
Ewa Ostrzeszewicz – French teacher;
Wanda Żółcińska – writer, journalist;
Katarzyna Nazarewicz – journalist;
Maryla Musidłowska – le cigale;
Natalia Gebert – social activist.
Opening Hours: Monday–Saturday, 12–22 (Thursday: 18–22), Sundays closed
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The project was carried out in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.

Open Call

This project was selected through the Open Call track, which was made possible thanks to the support of the Jewish Humanitarian Fund.