“Creating pigments from the KL Plaszow” Molnar – walk

Project is as part of Daniela Naomi Molnar’s artistic residency, which consists of: a walk around the former KL Płaszów and workshop on creating pigments.

Working from what she has learned from “New Earth” and other projects about vanished and disappeared geographies, Daniela Naomi Molnar will focus on KL Plaszow, the site of a former Nazi concentration camp in Krakow. This site bears few markers of its history. Tourists don’t visit it and even many locals know nothing about the atrocities that took place there.

The artist has a personal connection to Poland: all four of her grandparents survived Nazi concentration camps there; most of the rest of her family did not survive. There is a fair chance that both of her grandfathers were detained in KL Plaszow during the Holocaust. Her project has two parts: For FestivALT 2023, the artist will facilitate community dialogue via public walks and a pigment making workshop, resulting in a set of pigments from Płaszów. In her home studio, she will make paintings focusing on KL Plaszow using these pigments from the earth of genocide. Daniela will return to Krakow to exhibit the paintings in 2024. We invite you to participate in this journey with her.

Open Call

The project was selected by an international jury as part of this years Open Call supported by the Dutch Humanitarian Fund.

Financed by

This event is part of FestivALT 2023 organized as part of the project "MultiMemo. Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice" with the support of the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Program (2021–2027).