“Living the Dream with Grandma” Göndör – performance

  • Time & Date 30.06.2023 / 20:00
  • Location Scena SuperNova, ul. Zyblikiewicza 12/4
  • Original language HU / EN / PL

    In Hungarian with Polish and English subtitles

A solo performance created by Hungarian artist László Göndör.

Living the Dream with Grandma, originally produced with Trafó, is a poignant, comedic one-man-show about processing third-generation trauma. This unique multimedia piece takes place over one month during the pandemic lock-down in Budapest, Hungary, when László Göndör, a 35-year-old suffering from an identity crisis, moved in with his 97-year-old grandmother, a Holocaust survivor. Over 32 days, grandmother and grandson try to grasp each other’s pain and trauma, as well as their profound mutual love.
Using video and audio documentation recorded during their cohabitation, their conversations are reenacted, demonstrating the deep impact that the Holocaust and its related traumas have had on their personalities and relationship. By presenting the gap between the two generations and the loving relationship between them, the piece facilitates the process of understanding and acceptance – both for those who have been through similar life situations and those for whom the topic is unknown.
Artist and creative producer


  • László Göndör – Performer, Director, Playwright, Concept;
  • Éva Katona – Performer;
  • Kornél Laboda – Co-director, Playwright, Concept;
  • Zsófi Bódi – Dramaturge, Playwright, Concept;
  • Alexandra Láng – Audio and Video Editor, Concept;
  • Lili Olga Horváth – Psychologist Consultant, Concept;
  • Márk Bartha – Sound Designer;
  • Gabriella Csoma – Set and Costume Designer;
  • Bence Somoskövi & Bence Kovács-Vajda – Sound Masters;
  • Máté Bredán – Light Designer;
  • Ákos „Papa” Lengyel – Technician;
  • Ádám Langó – Technician;
  • Tibor Kiefer – Technician;
  • Máté Bartha – Documentary Materials, External Consultant;
  • Tamás Ördög – External Consultant;
  • Zsuzsi Szakács – Production Assistant;
  • Daniel Mayer – Production Manager;
  • Andrea Ausztrics – Creative Producer;
  • Gergely Ofner – Photography.
  • Special thanks to: Ádám Fekete, Tamás Turai, Dániel Daoud, Rozi Szeleczki, Leta Popescu, Péter Hajmási, Zoltán Ásmány, Nelli Orbán, Katalin Farkas, Zsuzsa Bánkuti, Ómama Antikvitás.

Co-organizer of the event is Scena Supernova.
The Polish premiere is organized in partnership with the Hungarian Consulate in Poland.

The production was realized within the framework of the Staféta Program established and supported by the Municipality of Budapest.

Co-production partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Orlai Production Office, Marom Budapest – Jewish Culture 2028.

Production partner: SzínMűHely Foundation.

Supporters: Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata, Staféta, Füge Produkció, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Orlai Produkciós Iroda, Marom Budapest, Zsidó Kultúra 2028, Mozaik Zsidó Közösségi Hub, Somogyi Endre.

Open Call

The project was selected among the applications for this year's Open Call, supported by the Jewish Humanitarian Fund, during the deliberations of the international jury.

Financed by

This event is part of FestivALT 2023 organized as part of the project "MultiMemo. Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice" with the support of the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Program (2021–2027).