Local Activism and the Practice of Remembrance

We would like to invite you to the webinar “Local Activism and the Practice of Remembrance” with the participation of Katarzyna Winiarska – cultural animator, researcher of Jewish history and educator in connection with the Białowieża Forest.

❓ What can local activism mean today? How can we engage in activities for the benefit of the community closest to us, how can we identify its needs and respond to them? How to move the so-called difficult issues and find ways to work with them? How to plan, prepare and carry out theatrical, commercial and educational initiatives aimed at different audiences?
📢 During the meeting, we will look behind the scenes of contemporary activist activities – both related to Poland’s Jewish heritage and the ongoing humanitarian crisis on its eastern border.
💬 We will replace theoretical debates with a discussion of real actions and concrete examples. We will be interested in finding answers to the questions of what activism looks like in practice, what challenges it poses, and whether it produces results.

This event is co-organized with Galicia Jewish Museum and Research Center for Memory Cultures as a part of the "NeDiPa: Negotiating Difficult Pasts" project funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the EU, which FestivALT is implementing together with Zapomniane Foundation and the Urban Memory Foundation.

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