“The Last Dance” Czosnyk – performance

The Last Dance is a bitter story balancing on the verge of irony and even a joke. A story of later postmodernity, which, if told with all due seriousness, would be too difficult, too desperate.

It refers to the dance tradition in Judaic culture. A dance that is joyful worship. However, the dance we will see is not a ballet of happiness, a spin towards life; it is a dance of despair and perdition – a mixture of sounds of sharp Berlin techno and Hebrew psalms. The dance that reminds us of our origins, makes us reflect, questioning everything that is past and future by confronting us with a place where the shadows of memory mingle with a series of unfortunate events described as accidental by Z. Bauman.


This event is part of the programme of FestivALT’s 5th edition.

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The project was carried out in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.