Trans Chidusz: A Long Table – performative discussion

chidusz is a new process of learning, usually in the context of Torah study, that reveals more layers of meaning, or shining a new light on something you thought you already knew. The Long Table is a performance of a dinner party, where conversation is the only course.

During Trans Chidusz – a Long Table, we wish to examine ways in which the state determines the parameters of our bodies, focussing on the example of trans and gender variant bodies from the perspectives of Polish law and of Jewish law. With guests from fields including history, art, law, and culture, the public is invited to take a seat at the Long Table and unpack Polish gender confirmation law from multiple angles.

The Long Table is a method created by artist Lois Weaver to stage public conversations around difficult topics. Long Tables begin with a table that is covered in paper, set with markers, pens, and empty chairs. Participants are asked to sit at the table if they wish to speak. To begin the conversation a question or topic is proposed. Only those participants seated at the table may speak, and they may join or leave the table at any time. If there are no seats available, but a participant wishes to speak, they are permitted to ask for a seat.

Your hosts of this Long Table are:: Tobaron Waxman (they/them) i Emanuela Lewandowska (they/them). Guests include: Gabriel/Lasota Jagra (he/they), Simona Kasprowicz (she/her/he/him), Dr Max Strassfeld (he/him), Michał Sosna (he/him), Mikołaj Świstowski (he/him), Weronika Szwugier (she/they), Dawid Wojtyczka (he/him), Yitz Jordan (he/him).

It’s important for us to make this meeting accessible for everyone who wants to attend. Two translators familiar with inclusive language will facilitate translations in order that the discussion can be held in Polish and English. Trans Chidusz will take place in Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, considered a safe space for everyone. The headquarters of Spółdzielnia Ogniwo however has several steps at the entrance. If this represents a barrier for you, please contact FestivALT via Facebook, and let us know your access needs. There’s also the possibilityalso possibility to join over zoom.

Financed by

Event can take place thanks to generosity of: Canada Council for the Arts, The Embassy of Canada in Warsaw, Federacja Znaki Równości, FestivALT Krakow, Fundacja Trans-Fuzja, POLIN Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich, Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hübnera, Thinking Through the Museum: A Partnership Approach to Curating Difficult Knowledge in Public (TTTM).