“Vos Heylt Yeden Kerper” Langford – concert | WORLD PREMIERE

A premiere performance of the concert Vos Heylt Yeden Kerper (Yiddish: “Who Heals All Bodies”) by Sasha Langford – Canadian composer, musician, and pianist.

Vos Heylt Yeden Kerper (Yiddish: “Who Heals All Bodies”) is a transportive live performance work that interprets conventions of Ashkenazic liturgical music through electronic production techniques, piano, and voice. Blurring the line between new music and new cantorial composition, Sasha J. Langfrod stages decisively contemporary arrangements for synagogal melodic forms, while evoking a listening experience reminiscent of the introspective nature of Jewish prayer.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Open Call

The project was selected by an international jury as part of this years Open Call supported by the Dutch Humanitarian Fund.

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This event is part of FestivALT 2023 organized as part of the project: "MultiMemo. Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice" with the support of the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Program (2021–2027).