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Marta Sala

Short bio

Marta Sala is a transdisciplinary artist focusing on issues such as precariousness, intersectionality, right to the city, ecology, common goods, joint actions and creative anarchism. Images, collages, installations and objects, costumes, videos and artistic activities in cooperation with other people are equal forms of her activity. In her works, she uses clippings, waste, elements and stories that are excluded, rejected and marginalized. Sala grew up in Chrzanów, in the years 2000-2015 she lived in Krakow, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of prof. Leszek Misiak.

She collaborated with Cecylia Malik and Kolektyw Niedzielni, co-creating artistic actions and protests in defense of the nature and cultural heritage of the city. Since 2015, she has been living in Berlin, where she graduated from the Institute for Art in Context at the Universität der Künste (DAAD scholarship 2017-20). In 2020, together with the Kurdish writer Abdulkadir Musa, she implemented the multilingual artistic and literary project Û∞-Berlîn Creative-Anarchist Chronicle of Urban Escapes and in 2021, with Johanna Reichhart and other Berlin-based artists, Work break in Görli. Artistic relationship systems in public space. At the WOW exhibition at the LeGuern Gallery in Warsaw (2021), she presented a series of abstract compositions made of recycled materials, experiences of constant relocation and artistic research in recent years.