“ARJIV” Lande – movie screening

ARJIV is an audiovisual essay that emerged from research she made for a documentary film connected with the reconstruction of the history of her grandparents who were born in Poland and survived the Holocaust.

What started as a search about the past, became a present deconstruction of the artist’s identity made possible due to the huge archive (arjiv) she managed to gather. Having a family collection of photographs, letters, postcards, manuscripts and even audio recordings, generated a number of questions and reflections about memories, identity and the use of subjective stories that may modify the official narratives.

Artist’ Statement:
When I received, digitized, all the family archive material that I have researched for years, I discovered new ways to navigate it. How does one relate to an archive that seems immeasurable? Which questions do we ask of it?

Following these inquiries, this work reflects on our connection with the archive and its importance in elaborating our identity. What is the relevance in the exercise of memory and the construction of subjective stories that modify official narratives?

Financed by

The project was carried out in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.

Open Call

This project was selected through the Open Call track, which was made possible thanks to the support of the Jewish Humanitarian Fund.