“Negotiating Difficult Pasts: Heritage, Communities, Future” Gross / Romik / Janus / Stern – meeting

The destruction of European Jewish communities left behind a legacy that can be defined as „difficult heritage” which consists of very different types of sites, such as abandoned, destroyed or inappropriately repurposed architectural heritage (synagogues, bathhouses, schools, etc.), Jewish cemeteries, unmarked burial sites of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, as well as material remains of the infrastructure of genocide.

There have been numerous initiatives of commemoration and revitalization of such sites. The discussion will focus on new approaches to remembrance, in particular a practice-based culture of remembrance, innovative cooperation strategies, and multidisciplinary approach to heritage community building, combining civic activism, academia, arts and urbanism.

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The event is s part of the Places of Remembering and Forgetting project, made possible thanks to the Norwegian Funds with a grant from the Active Citizens – National Fund programme financed by the EEA Funds.