“Poland is Not Yet Lost!” Abbe / Rubenfeld – performance premiere

We invite you to celebrate the glorious unification of the Polish Jewish Republic!


Poland Is Not Yet Lost is a satirical, futuristic vision of Polish reality, in which the State of Israel was destroyed and three million Jews returned to Poland. The Polish president is the famous actor Maciej Stuhr (played by the real Maciej Stuhr), whose decision to convert to Judaism inspired 4 million non-Jewish Poles to follow in his footsteps. Poland, a country currently inhabited by 7 million Jews, is on the eve of a referendum that will decide whether a new Jewish state will be established.

Poland Is Not Yet Lost is a provocation exploring the temptations and dangers of nationalism. Written, directed, and performed by Polish Jews: Dorota Abbe, born in Poland, and Michael Rubenfeld, born in Canada, who play versions of themselves in the show.

The audience, gathered in the theater as if at a political rally, will be faced with a choice: should they vote for a bright future in the new Poland, for a world of equality for all?

  • Script by: Michael Rubenfeld, Dorota Abbe
  • Directed by: Michael Rubenfeld, Dorota Abbe
  • Music: Marta Zalewska
  • Scenography and costumes: Monika Kufel
  • Director’s supervision: Michał Nowicki
  • Translation of the song lyrics to Yiddish: Philip Schwartz
  • Cast: Dorota Abbe, Maja Polka, Michael Rubenfeld
  • Producent: Anna Roszczyk 
  • Participation in recordings: Małgorzata Łodej-Stachowiak, Andrzej Niemyt, Paweł Hadyński, Piotr Dąbrowski, Konrad Cichoń
  • Special guest (video): Maciej Stuhr
  • Video: Łukasz Gajdek
  • Production: FestivALT

The event is co-organized with the BARAKAH Theatre and Na Marginesie Foundation.

Financed by

The 8th edition of FestivALT is made possible thanks to the support of the Matanel Foundation and the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund and it is organized as part of the "MultiMemo: Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice" project, thanks to the support of the European Union under the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) program.