“The Lucky Jew is Back” Francisco / Gebert / Rubenfeld – performance

  • Time & Date 26.06.2018 / 17:00
  • Location Plac Nowy, Kraków
  • Original language PL / EN
  • Project The Lucky Jew

The FestivALT’s emblematic performance is back! Another chance o buy your own Lucky Jew and change your financial fortune!

With origins in the material culture of pre-war Poland, Lucky Jews are small figurines or painted pictures of Jews with golden coins. Though they may look antisemitic to Jewish eyes, they are still widely bought and sold across Poland as good-luck charms.
This performance piece brings the figurine of the Lucky Jew to life by turning the Lucky Jew trope on its head. For several afternoons, a Lucky Jew will appear in the public space of Kazimierz to sell self-made lucky images of himself to all who desire 100% luck from a real-live 100% Jew.
This piece premiered at the inaugural edition of Festivalt in 2017, and is described in Jason Francisco’s photo-text essay. The second edition was during the Emaus Easter Festival Market, where all items for sale were purchased in less than 3 hours.

Our partners in 2018 edition are: Third Eye Photo Gallery Krakow. Leica Boutique. Fundacja Dialogu Obywatelskiego (The Foundation of Civic Dialogue), Młynek Cafe.

Financed by

Festivalt 2018's edition is possible thanks to the generous support of: The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation's Grassroots Events program, Paideia – European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, Asylum Arts, Amamamusi Hummus Restaurant.