“Communities of (difficult) Heritage?” Jabłońska / Janus / Lehrer / Rubenfeld / Wawrzyniak – conversation

  • Time & Date 24.06.2023 / 16:00
  • Location Targowa2, Kraków
  • Original language PL / EN

    In English with live translation to Polish

Discussion on heritage community from post-Holocaust and postcolonial perspectives.

The Faro Convention (2005) proposes a broad definition of a heritage community, which may include not only those who are bound to it by descent and inheritance, but also those who express the will to care for it. How can this approach apply to situations in which concern for the heritage of one community is expressed by representatives of another that may have been historically involved in violence against that same group? Together with experts from various fields, we will consider this question, referring to examples of concern for Jewish heritage in Poland as well as for the heritage of various communities in different geographical and/or cultural contexts.


Panelists: Aleksandra Janus, Agnieszka Jabłońska, Erica Lehrer, Michael Rubenfeld, Joanna Wawrzyniak

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This event is part of FestivALT 2023 organized as part of the project "MultiMemo. Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice" with the support of the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Program (2021–2027).