“Creating Jewish Theatre in Central/Eastern Europe” Abbe / Ausztrics / Borgula / Göndör / Rubenfeld – conversation

  • Time & Date 01.07.2023 / 20:30
  • Location Teatr BARAKAH | 28 Paulińska St., Kraków
  • Original language PL / EN

    In English with Polish translation

Post-show conversation on the condition of contemporary Jewish theatre in Central/Eastern Europe.

Directly after the performance Poland Is Not Yet Lost!, Dorota Abbe and Michael Rubenfeld will be joined by László Göndör and Andrea Ausztrics, respectively the creator and producer of Living the Dream with Grandma, as well as Andras Borgula, the Artistic Director of the Golem Theatre in Budapest. Together they will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly experiences making Jewish Theatre in Budapest and Poland, and what they perceive as the possible futures for Jewish theatre in Central and Eastern Europe.

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This event is part of FestivALT 2023 organized as part of the project "MultiMemo. Multidirectional Memory: Remembering for Social Justice" with the support of the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Program (2021–2027).