“The Lucky Jews” Francisco / Keise / Lehrer / Rubenfeld – performance

Lucky Jews is a performance by Michael Rubenfeld and Jason Francisco that takes the Lucky Jew trope and turns it on its head.

Holdovers from pre-war Poland, Lucky Jews are small figurines or painted pictures of Jews with a coin (figurines) or multiple coins (pictures). Jews were also invited to weddings and special events to bring luck and mystical powers to their guests. They are still loved and widely bought and sold through Poland as good-luck charms.

Are Jews really lucky? We’re about to find out.

For four days, Rubenfeld and Francisco – dressed as Lucky Jews – will grace the streets of Kazimierz to offer maximum luck to those they encounter. Luck will be offered to all who desire it. Why settle for simple figurines or pictures on your wall when you can have the real thing? Don’t miss your chance to receive all the luck you need.
Photos by Jason Francisco were taken from his Lucky Jews essay.
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The 1st edition of FestivALT was realized thanks to the support of the following institutions: Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, Asylum Arts, Trzecie Oko Gallery.